MDC 40 M1 - THE precise Granular Spreader

MDC + 5.2 controller with ISO DIN tractor connection lead £1950.00 + VAT


Sealed Multi-metering system with Surefill adaptor - perfectly suited to granules.   Spreads 2 rows by gravity without air support. The granules are metered via our proven and tested electric driven seeding shaft.   Granules are precisely metered to  the fishtail outlets, which then safely place the granules in accurate rows.  Unique advantage that it can be converted to a slug pelleter (MDS) or pneumatic applicator (MDP) to give a all - round the year return on your investment.


  • Sealed Spreader for secure spreading of all your granular pesticides
  • speed-adjusted seed rate spreading, and handland management
  • precise lateral distribution due to individual seeding shafts for each outlet
  • Quantity adjustment whilst driving
  • Can be converted to MDS or MDP as required