Trimble are world leaders in precision farming technology. Manterra offer a full range of services, training and support for Trimble Agriculture Solutions.

Unia Group have been  one of Europe's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery for over 100 years.  Manterra are proud to be UK importers for the full range of Unia Group equipment.

Kellfri provide a wide range of strong and cost effective agricultural and small holder equipment from their distribution centre in Sweden.  Manterra can supply all elements of the very popular Kellfri range.

APV provide an outstanding range of seeders, micro granular applicators and seeding equipment from their new factory in Austria.  Manterra provide sales, service, training and support for the full APV range.

Baertschi supply the unique Oekosem strip till cultivator from their factory in Switzerland.  Designed to work in European conditions with heavier and wetter soils the Oekosem deep loosens, tills and mixes in one pass.

Duport supply the revolutionary Liquiliser solution fertiliser injection system from their factory in the Netherlands.  Manterra have imported this system for a number years to the UK and have users who are happy to discuss the benefits with interested parties.

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