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About Manterra

Founded by Andrew Manfield, an award-winning farmer and agronomist in East Yorkshire, MANTERRA specialises in precision farming research, machinery, robotics and guidance equipment as well as the supply of cultivators, seeders and spreaders for sustainable agriculture.

XAG R150

XAG agricultural drones

XAG agricultural drones

Manterra is proud to be the sole UK retailer of XAG all-electric autonomous... 

  • Available now!

    The GFX-1260 display is Trimble Agriculture’s newest flagship 12-inch (30.5 cm) display.

    Bigger screen, enhanced processing power, greater memory.

  • Tweak of the Week

    Manterra Tweak of the Week videos help you get the most out of your Trimble guidance equipment.

    Manterra Tweak of the Week 
  • Trimble ProPoint

    Manterra Care+Connect subscribers are guaranteed to have the latest firmware updates so machine optimisation is assured. Trimble's latest ProPoint technology upgrade improves satellite availability. Sign up now.

    Trimble Correction Services 
  • Care+Connect

    With a Manterra Care+Connect package you can remove any concerns or worries about maintaining your precision farming solution by becoming part of the Manterra community.


    Your Manterra Care+Connect package is individually tailored to your needs to get the maximum out of your investment in precision agriculture. #manterraltd #precisionfarming

    Manterra Care+Connect 
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