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ClearNOx 10L

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A preventive AdBlue® fuel additive solution that goes beyond regular AdBlue®, stopping crystals from forming within SCR systems. If AdBlue® does not completely turn into ammonia, crystallisation may occur and cause blockages within the system, leading to expensive vehicle downtime. CLEARNOX is applicable for all on-road and off-road vehicles or machinery equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

CLEARNOX is the key to guaranteeing an optimal AdBlue® spray pattern and ensuring a complete reaction, even at low temperatures, to prevent blockages and crystallisation.

CLEARNOX is a Total Energies patented product that is suitable for both on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment fitted with SCR technology. The ready-to-use urea solution has been specially created for SCR after-treatment systems and is compatible with every type of vehicle, including heavy goods vehicles, van fleets, buses, and construction and agricultural equipment.

CLEARNOX prevents crystallisation

Maintains the SCR system and engine

Reduces the number of breakdowns and vehicles out of service in your fleet Manages fuel consumption.

CLEARNOX replaces AdBlue®

Is ready to use - no need to drain the tank first Ensures compliance with emissions levels in pollution Controls standards.

Sold as 10 litre ClearNOx® pack.