Trimble RTX correction - what it does

Trimble RTX correction - what it does

A key technology used for precision agriculture practices is correction services—real-time corrections to GPS locations. GPS (also known as GNSS or global navigation satellite systems) may be good enough for guiding you to a destination in town, but it’s not good enough to steer your tractor down a precise path for planting, spraying or harvesting. For that, you need something more accurate and exact...

Trimble RTX correction services use the same GNSS signals then adds an extra quick step by correcting them to highly accurate and exact positions using data from base stations. With real-time GNSS corrections, your precision ag equipment can operate accurately—varying from 15 cm pass to pass, to within two and a half centimetres depending on which correction service you choose.

With added accuracy you can plant, spray and harvest down to a few centimetres, year over year, giving you peace of mind that the job is getting done correctly.

You know how valuable resources such as fuel, seed and fertiliser are. Higher accuracy makes better use of those resources by creating a scenario where fewer resources are needed. You no longer have to worry about whether you’re overlapping passes during planting and harvesting or over/ under spraying rows - the accuracy of the correction service ensures that you get the job done right first time.

RTX benefits

Correction services paired with other precision farming solutions, lets you simplify and streamline workflows to gain better yields, control costs, reduce environmental impact and improve profits.

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