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Trimble Europe B.V.

GFX-1260 Display Kit


Count on the **NEW** GFX-1260 display to deliver the power, speed and connectivity needed to handle your in-field tasks.

The new GFX-1260™ display has a simple, easy-to-use Precision-IQ™ interface and can process data at more than two times the speed of previous generations, making it easier to handle the most complex farming workflows by adding accuracy and efficiency across operations.

With more power, speed and reliability than ever before it offers a faster processor, increased RAM and storage capacity, updated Android OS, upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® capabilities, an added co-processor for safety, inputs for two external cameras and additional implement control connectivity. The GFX-1260™ display provides all this in a 12-inch (30.7 centimetre) format. The large screen size and receiver connectivity make it a standout option for growers who prefer a bigger screen and have complex operational requirements.

Full datasheet pdf. available here.