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Agrometius BV

Track-Control Implement Control


Implement Control is a unique and active GPS implement control system for both straight and curved tracks (AB lines). It works via the existing GPS ISOBUS screen, so you do not need an additional screen/box in the tractor. Implement Control is suitable for almost all implements that you connect behind your tractor. .
The system can work with wheel steering, sideshift, disc coulters and steered towing hooks and drawbars.

  • ISOBUS compatible UT unlock needed

  • RTK GNSS receiver on implement

  • Tilt correction

  • Headland functionalities for wheel steering (automatic or manual)

  • Nudge function for side shift & hoeing

Advantages of Implement Control

  • Avoid additional stitches in many cases.
  • Smart implement steering that can automatically centre on the headland or, similar to a trailed sprayer, can turn around the corner following a track.
  • Save time and reduce headland compaction without the need for driver interaction.
  • When reversing, wheel-steering machines can be automatically steered straight behind the tractor.